A Brief History of WriteSearch


The WriteSearch.com domain was procured and a few weeks later the first incarnation of a writers search engine was launched. The results displayed were a combination of feeds from various other search engines.


The first version of an article library was launched. With the search results being somewhat ambiguous, a more focused site directory was also created.


The community was unveiled to offer news, contests, forums, stories, a bookstore and more.


In an effort to drastically improve search results, WriteSearch was completely rebuilt. At the core of these changes was a new engine and a more precise manual submission process before any site indexing occurred.


A new contests section was added and an improved article directory was introduced. A supplementary job board was also installed and evaluated.


With the exception of the search function, all other content (articles, jobs, contests, writing software, books, etc.) was neatly consolidated into one install/subdirectory.


Another attempt at contests and events, an experimental author network, and a trial library where authors can post screenplays, poetry, short stories, and novel/excerpts in order to solicit critiques and also add a layer of literary protection via free submission.


WriteSearch celebrates 10 years as the first and only writers search engine.