Bukisa is a free publishing community based in Israel where you can write and submit English language articles or How-To guides to nearly two dozen different categories. Your work is published immediately and only reviewed for any required adjustments or readability improvements after the fact. Acceptable content for the Bukisa community is education, informative, and instructional types. Naturally there are also the typical banned topics that include pornography, violence, gambling, illegal drugs, and a number of others you can read about further at the Bukisa Standards page.

You are able to publish original content at a rate of up to twenty five pieces per day at Bukisa. You’re also able to submit content that has already been published elsewhere, although this is not recommended since it could affect how your content performs in search engines.

The earnings model is shared advertisement revenue from either Google Adsense or Chitika which was formerly the Yahoo Ad Network. The split is 60/40 with the original content publisher reaping the slightly greater percentage.

One thing I witnessed in the very limited browsing I did through some community articles is that there appears to be a very relaxed attitude towards spelling (example: using patients instead of patience), copyright protection (example: multiple articles with nothing more than someone else’s song lyrics as content), and writing quality in general (example: the complete filmography in ordered list format of a popular actress). In Bukisa’s defense and as I mentioned earlier, they do let users publish first and review afterwards, so hopefully these were all things that had simply not made it through the filter yet.

While I didn’t (and never expect to) come across any Bukisa made millionaire stories, the site is still popular enough in terms of traffic to be considered as a viable publishing option. It’s a great plus that they accept previously published items, but heed their warnings as you (your earnings) could be penalized by Adsense/Chitika for duplicate content.

If you find the overall content quality of a site to be somewhat substandard in comparison to others you’ve visited, don’t let it deter you from joining the community. Use that information to your advantage by continually submitting keyword rich mass appealing articles to better your chances of being found more often in search results.