On Poetry, The Mysterious Art

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On Poetry, The Mysterious Art
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"Not only will you be inspired by these essays, but they will deepen you as a poet. I wish this book had been available when I started writing verse."
-- Alissa Cohen, Montreal poet and teacher


Do you want to learn how to write the kinds of poems you love to read? This book can show you how it’s done. The 36 essays in this book on the art of writing verse will teach you how to put fire into your poetry. You will learn how the poet’s tools, such as metaphors, similes, rhythm and imagery, can help you put your heart and soul into words. Examples are taken from both classical and modern works. You will also find essays that explore the importance of poetry and the poet’s place in history and contemporary culture.

A sequel to this book has just been published. THE SPIRIT OF POETRY is a collection of 33 more essays on the subject of writing poetry with passion and style.

Anthony S. Maulucci has published his poetry in literary journals, magazines and newspapers in the US, Canada, and Mexico. He taught English literature and creative writing at various colleges and universities in Connecticut, including the University of Connecticut and the University of Hartford, for over 15 years. The author of four books of poetry, he holds an MA from Wesleyan University and is the winner of the Jordan Davidson Poetry Prize.

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